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Messenger mobile and web focused on the creation of groups and communities, with unlimited number of users per group, plus an incredible feature that you can access your messenger with all conversations and content of any cell phone, just using the password and email. MsPlus is not expressive by phone number, this allows it to be used from anywhere, making it easy to administer, if your cell phone battery is empty or you lose it, you can recover it in minutes.


Multiplatform games producer since 2014 producing games for mobile, desktop and consoles. Creates games for internationally recognized gaming companies, and own games that take their brand as Monster Ball GO and King of Clans, among the most popular titles, developing augmented reality and virtual reality technology. Today it has more than 1000 games in its portfolio produced between simple casual games, even AAA games.

Mega Curioso

Ask or answer on ABCPLUS. Platform dedicated to education, focused on students of any level or school level, to ask questions. Respond and earn genius titles on our platform, train your knowledge, spread information and improve education. Thousands of students attend the platform daily.

Minha Série

Ultra-fast sharing for documents and simple files. Use sentwork easily for files up to 100MB, your files will be erased from the server after 24 hours. Totally anonymous protecting your content. You can also create an account and manage your submission with passwords.

Minha Série

Official currency created to be the universal currency used in all playfoxgames games and other developers using your SDK. Coins are ethereum tokens with state-of-the-art technology, which can be used to purchase resources in any game, and be sent as a means of payment to anyone. Bitfox can currently be traded on ex.singularx.com

Iplus Browser

Browser for surfing the internet is mobile or web, with incredible artificial intelligence technology that learns its tastes, organizing its search format and content, besides being integrated inumerous gadgets, and a personal assistant that facilitates your search in any search engine, such as google, bing, baidu, etc.

Click Jogos

Official Playfox store that licenses some of its codes as a starter kit for other developers that create games based on exclusive designs, such as AR and VR technology, and maps for geolocation. The Playfox store licensing templates based on popular games, and always creates projects based on current games such as PUBG, Pokemon GO, Clash of Clans, among others.

Marie Curie

Platform of stream of games with more than 500 exclusive titles, created by the own producer, with varied themes, and games similar to the great and famous of the moment. For just $ 1.99 fixed monthly, you have access to great content of games and videos, such as live gameplay of famous gamers, monthly tournaments, and an incredible chat system to add friends, and meet new people to challenge in our games. Monthly new titles are released.